Thorough understanding of service business with our professional staff to do our job properly and on time knew the target company, is proud to be working with you.

Wooden furniture decoration, which are active in our company, workplace, office, villa, home furniture, stands and decorations, design, fabrication and application is.

All internal and external wooden decoration functional designs innovative life-givingwork.

About Us

We always had talked about was going to happen one day but we did try anyway.

No tirelessly, without deleting any us sweat .. What do we do if we put our handsunder the stone, and today, including "Yaren Yacht" and "Yaren Wood as" We say we are dedicated.

We are all "Yaren Group" We are here to be ...

Fevzi Çakmak Mahallesi Cemal Gürsel Cd. D-100 Kara Yolu (E-5) No.9 Pendik / ISTANBUL

Phone. : +90 216 396 33 53 - Fax: +90 216 396 33 53


- Hakmar terminate Pendik / Topselvi greengrocer stalls have been completed.

- Fresh grocer KAVAKPINAR benches has been completed.

- Viaport cinema lobby design has been completed designs.

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